Saturday, August 29, 2015


                                                        The first worst day of my life..
        We had been married for almost a year when my new husband tried to die on me.
We had spent the weekend at Mom & Dad’s house talking and playing and eating pears. Yes, pears…half green pears, and he had made a pig of himself in the process.

 Back at home in our little room that served as our home, the one where we put our milk and other cold things out between the window and the screen and I washed dishes in a little bathroom sink that also served as a wash basin for his greasy hands courtesy of Charlie Bynum’s gas station. We lived in one of the rooms of a motel that Charlie had behind the station. Paradise!
He was sick as a dog from bedtime till morning. Retching and heaving up all of those pears he had enjoyed earlier in the day. We thought that was it, and the pain in his side let up later that day, and we thought it was over.
Nope, it started again, the pain that took his breath away, and he was fading away on me. Scared…Oh yeah! I didn’t even have my drivers license yet.
”Babe, he said, I think I can drive us out of town, if you can take it from there. I think we should go to your Mom’s.” So that’s what we did, him in the backseat writhing in pain, groaning, shaking with an unrelenting fever and pain that  took him in and out of consciousness…
We finally got to Mama’s house, and I ran in the house screaming for her to help him. She took one look and took him to Anadarko to the doctor. 
Somehow he made it in there, no damn wonder they called him Hoss…

Brief examination…He’s got a hot appendix…got insurance? No. Get him to University Hospital as fast as you can…Oklahoma City, as sick as he was?? 
Oh dear Jesus, don’t let him die, and all I could do was cry…he was comforting me…                          Oh baby, don’t cry.
I got in the back seat with him, holding his head in my lap and bawling like a baby. We stopped at Verden and got Daddy from the mill where he was working.

”Hurry Daddy, Hurry! I’ve got it floor-boarded, Sis, it’s all I can do”…he ran every red light, and drove like a madman… we never saw a cop…where’s a cop when you need one…Suddenly then...we’re backing down in the bay at the hospital so they can unload him…

They took him straightway to surgery, as we all collapsed on the benches there in the hall. Dad was as white as a sheet, and Mama shook a cigarette from it’s box and lit up one for her and Dad. They told me they would come and get me when he was in his room. So now the waiting and wondering…Hours went by while I paced the floor. Finally, I told them I was gonna go find him…took down the hall looking in every ward on the surgical floor for a glimpse of him.
And I found him then, in a troubled sleep, but he was alive. Oh God, he was alive. I ran quietly to get Mom & Dad and they saw him there sleeping,by then everybody was crying.
The doctor said when he lifted that appendix out of it’s place, it ruptured.

That was early November 1959…and he left for Basic Training right after Christmas… betcha~!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

 A lot of our family stories happened out here on an acreage we bought in the 80's. We wanted a place where our grandkids could roam and play freely. It was perfect for building a house and a shop to run our home-based business from. Two of our daughters and their husbands worked with us.
We had a good run, the better part of twenty years we made and sold woodcrafts, that was in the 80's when anything painted slate blue would sell. And I do mean anything...
I told hubby I believed we could paint a cow chip slate blue and it would sell.

Time and circumstance ruined it, tho. It was so hard to give it up. I cried and figured the books for the longest trying to work it out so we could keep working our sweet employees..we had fourteen people working out there in the country and it was different enough that they all loved it. But the day came that we just had to tell them it was over, we just could'nt make a profit at the price of wood at the time. We were all broken hearted at this sad turn of events. And we bid them all a fond farewell.

          I went to work at a Christian Bookstore, and De worked at a hardware store for a while.

God had his Mighty Hand on us, I know that now...
So many little time.
That's another story to be told another time.

see you then,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Still raining in Oklahoma..still.
Still can't go play in the yard very much.
Forced to work in the house or on the porch, I put a new arrangement on the porch wall.

 I ventured out yesterday to go to the grocery store, scary place nowadays..
I've never seen so many empty shelves, and have you noticed how the packages are getting smaller while the prices keep going up. Yikes!

Life is really good anyway.
God is my source, not the people that are price gouging us just because they can.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

I've waited 10 years or maybe a little bit more for my Magnolia tree to bloom.
I bought it at the flea market when it wasn't much bigger than a twig...
De wasn't sure it would ever do anything, Oklahoma winds have blown it here and fro.
It's suffered ice storms and all sorts of weather, and it just keeps growing.
It makes me think of my family, grandkids and great grandies.
I've watched as they grew and bloomed.
There's been a lot of changes in my life since we last talked.

Maybe I can bloom again.