Wednesday, August 26, 2015

 A lot of our family stories happened out here on an acreage we bought in the 80's. We wanted a place where our grandkids could roam and play freely. It was perfect for building a house and a shop to run our home-based business from. Two of our daughters and their husbands worked with us.
We had a good run, the better part of twenty years we made and sold woodcrafts, that was in the 80's when anything painted slate blue would sell. And I do mean anything...
I told hubby I believed we could paint a cow chip slate blue and it would sell.

Time and circumstance ruined it, tho. It was so hard to give it up. I cried and figured the books for the longest trying to work it out so we could keep working our sweet employees..we had fourteen people working out there in the country and it was different enough that they all loved it. But the day came that we just had to tell them it was over, we just could'nt make a profit at the price of wood at the time. We were all broken hearted at this sad turn of events. And we bid them all a fond farewell.

          I went to work at a Christian Bookstore, and De worked at a hardware store for a while.

God had his Mighty Hand on us, I know that now...
So many little time.
That's another story to be told another time.

see you then,